Thursday, July 16, 2015

Crystal Pite - "Dance Genius"

Today I learned about Crystal Pite, an exciting, risk taking, Canadian Dancer/ Choreographer who has been referred to as a "dance genius", and it's easy to see why.

I love the powerful combination of dance, narrative storytelling, and puppetry she uses in her work, three of my very favourite things.

Eleanor Wachtel interviewed her today on CBC. She is a fascinating, creative individual, and I am so glad I heard this show. Here's the highlighted link to the interview.

Crystal Pite's powerful piece, "Dark Matters".


Rose said...

What a compelling piece! I love seeing the body move with such controlled freedom. At one point I worked for the modern dance company, Le Groupe de La Place Royale in Ottawa and got to experience the choregraphic process from the sidelines. The Canadian art scene has its own dynamic flavor, doesn't it.

Your mention of Eleanor Wachtel gave me a little frisson of the familiar. I used to listen to her a lot when I lived in Canada and seeing her name here reminded me of that. I've bookmarked the interview. Thanks for sharing, Catherine.

Unknown said...

Oh Rose so glad you watched this. Powerful eh? Incredible work. It never ceases to amaze me how much incredibly creative talent there is in Canada and so many are unknown within Canada by Canadians!It certainly does have it's own dynamic flavour like you say.

How exciting that you got to work for Le Groupe de La Place Royale! I studied Mime in Toronto many years ago. Hey do you know Margie Gillis? Oh my God she is wonderful!

Eleanor Wachtel I love her so much. I learn so much from her interviews. I'm a complete CBC Radio Head. I was weaned in CBC Radio! It's on 24/7 pretty much.

You are most welcome my dear sister Canuck! ;)

Rose said...

I grew up listening to Peter Gzowski and Barbara Frum. When I left Canada CBC was one of the things I knew I'd miss most.

Margie Gillis, yes a familiar name and fabulous!

How cool that you studied Mime, what an amazing artform.

thesycamoretree said...

The idea of control is a rather "dark matter" indeed. I'm always amazed at how dancers can get their message across without words.

Unknown said...

Rose I'd be lost without my CBC Radio!

Ahhh Peter... I was in love with him for years and years, mostly his voice I think and of course his personality. I guess he was quite the curmudgeon to work with Barbara Frum... do you remember the phone call she made to the fellow in the British Isles about the cabbage? It was really huge and she kept trying to find out how big it was, but he was hard of hearing and she just lost it on the radio. Hilarious. Sometimes they play the old programs, which I enjoy just as much
as I did then I think.

I love Margie Gillis so much!

Yes my Mime experience was really something. Only nine of us in the school. One of my most's the story.

Unknown said...

Yes Bev this dance was perfectly named. Body language is more powerful and effective I think because we have that deep connection with our body where our real voice comes from. We've come to rely on the spoken word without this deep connection I think, living in our intellects rather than our bodies.