Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Julie Hefferman

Julie Hefferman

I found out about this incredible artist Julie Hefferman this morning. She is very skilled technically, with a fantastical imagination. I very much appreciate her social conscience, the humour she uses in the titles of her paintings, combined with her frequent use of self-portraiture, are psychologically compelling.

An interview she gave with John Seed form the Huffington Post gives insight into her ideas and her work.

Julie Hefferman's realistic and traditional painting techniques are exquisite. She creates worlds that you can get lost in, taking you on a journey like none other.

Self Portrait As Roots - Julie Hefferman

Self Portrait As A Big World  - Julie Hefferman
Self Portrait As Tender Mercenary - Julie Hefferman

Self Portrait As A Broken Home - Julie Hefferman

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