Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jesse Krimes - Sentence To Create

Apokaluptein:16389067 - Jesse Krimes
I have a close artist friend who a few years back began to do volunteer work in a correctional facility, teaching art to inmates. I saw her own personal transformation as a young woman before, and after. The work empowered her and did the same for the inmates she worked with, for over a long period of time. She related and empathized with these young men incarcerated, as a result of her own personal struggles, and went on to pursue formal education professionally, so she could continue to work in the field of youth and corrections. She'd often express to me how the men she met inside prison felt they had no voice, and were simply forgotten about, out of sight, out of mind.

Some time ago I'd heard about this artist Jesse Krimes  I did not follow up until now, through an article written by Kristin Hohenadel for entitled, The Art of Doing Time .

 Jesse Krimes  is a remarkable artist, who has a very empowering story to tell about incarceration, isolation redemption, service and hope for the so called hopeless, through art.

During my own personal vocation as a Youth Care Worker I saw first hand, how art gave voice to the troubled kids and young offenders that I worked with for over twenty years. They may not have been able to express their emotions, thoughts and feelings verbally, but talking about the work was a non-threatening, and indirect way of communicating.
Art can be very personally empowering for everyone on many levels.


Judith Joseph said...

Thank you for sharing this fascinating work. I had not heard of Jesse Krimes before. It's interesting to contemplate how seeing art created by prison inmates helps us see them as individuals and human beings.

Unknown said...

Judith thank you so much for your comment.
Yes Jesse Krimes is a tangible example how art changes and empowers lives. Society is so quick to judge the marginalized whether it be inmates, the young or old,those physically or mentally challenged etc. I am always passionate about artists that break down these kind of barriers and lack of knowledge.