Thursday, May 29, 2014

Germaine Greer and Tongue Mould

I thought my internet was down the past day and a half and was going through a bit of withdrawal and was getting frustrated not being able to find the source of the problem. Finally today I finally figured it out after seeing my WiFi was disconnected from the outlet, which was why I could not get online.  When this happens I get into a bit of an uncomfortable state of mind, because, well alright, I admit it, I am addicted to my computer. It is a big part of my routine in a number of ways, enabling me to keep in contact with family and friends, and to network with other artists. Having been a  regular blogger for six years also contributes to my co-dependent relationship with cyberspace.

I always find when I am without my internet the up side is, it becomes a pretty productive time for me, like listening to Germaine Greer on Ideas on CBC Radio, and it generally is a good experience being offline for a while, as I put my energy into making art and into other constructive activities. Not that I waste my time online, but it can gobble up an afternoon before you know it, especially if you are not mindful while using the internet, and are easily distracted.

So yesterday, I got two more paintings completed as I am getting geared up for an exhibit next week. This has been challenging to say the least, as I have been in a creative funk, a carry over from SAD after having the Winter from hell. As well, I drastically changed my subject matter, consciously taking a break from what I normally paint. I thought perhaps this would be a good thing for me, as the old adage goes, a change is good as a rest. It has proved to be enjoyable, when I am actually wrapped up in the process of painting my chosen subject matter as of late, Jellied Moulds , from a recipe book, called, Davis Dainty Dishes published back in the day of the 20s and the 30s. I thought this would be light subject matter and fun. True it is, but not something I am passionate about. As a matter of fact, some of the pictures of moulds I couldn't bare the thought of painting, as some of the moulds were absolutely gross. Tongue mould be one of those, along with other mystery type meats, not to mention " Recipes For Invalids" How about some " Jellied Soup ". Yum!

Nonetheless,  I am making good progress, and am looking very forward to my show. I have learned an important lesson. I need to not place such demand on myself, not allow myself to get so stressed and simply paint what I really love, and feel great passion about. And I do wished people still made jellied moulds, just not tongue mould, they can forget that one!

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