Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fabulous Fashionistas - “Having an identity beyond old lady.”

My mother was born in 1912. I was born in 1953. She was 41 years old when I was born, an older mother. Thing was, I never considered her "old". She was ageless to me, because she was comfortable in her own skin. She saw herself and others as people first and foremost, never their age, skin colour, denomination or religious belief, etc.
Sarah Helen, my mum, loved  and cherished life, had wicked sense of humour, a strong sense of wrong and right, believed in God, and was full of courage and strength of character. She taught me many important lessons.

When I saw this video I immediately thought of my mother, because these beautiful women, also have a wonderful attitude toward who they are, love life, and defy any sense of ageism. Oh if only the world could truly take a lesson from these women that see past age, skin colour, creed and gender. They truly define what it means to be a woman fully alive until we finally leave this mortal coil.

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