Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Can Art Make Us Care More?"

I've always thought the answer to this question would be an obvious, yes.

Being an artist I have looked at numerous works of art over the years. I can specifically remember the many occasions I was greatly moved by a particular work of art, and how I felt overwhelmed with the subject matter, and the artist because they touched me deeply, on a human level. I was compelled to care more.

Art has a way of doing this. I often look for it from other artists, as I identify with that kind of art, with this kind of artist, because hope is imparted to me for change, and inspires me to want to be a better person and artist.

It is certainly an important matter worth consideration.

 Art reflects life. Compassion, is a such integral part of life. If it isn't, well, I am not a person that is fully alive in my opinion.


A postscript to this blogpost The Lives of Others
An amazing movie about hope, compassion, change and art.

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