Thursday, November 24, 2016

Comedians In Cars, Having Coffee and Sock Mending

My Grandmother's Daring Egg

I have no profound thoughts to share, on this cool, very gray overcast Fall day. It's easy to feel in a funk on  days like this, so I've decided not to fight it, go with the creative flow and to just make the most of it.

I've been drinking coffee, wishing I was a comedian in one of Jerry Seinfeld's fabulous cars and having coffee. I have no car, but today I'm living vicariously through binge watching Jerry's great online show, Comedians In Cars Drinking Coffee. Oh and mending my pairs of Winter work socks that I could have easily thrown out. I've done a good thing, deciding to mend them. A great idea and job I thought, and it's all been therapeutic for my funky Fall mood, that always comes along this time of year. And now I have all my socks ready for Winter.

I don't think anyone mends socks any more. I have my grandmother's antique daring egg, just for mending socks.

So when you find yourself in a Fall funk bring out the socks and the darning egg!. Give it a try, make a day of it. It might just help, but don't forget a good show, that makes you laugh out loud and some good coffee.


aurora virtuoso to be said...

Get your egg on!

thesycamoretree said...

What a cool item to be handed down from your grandmother. What is it made of? I'm another fan of Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars. :)

Unknown said...

Oh ya AV gotta get yer egg on this time of year! Hard or soft boiled, fried, scrambled or Julia Child omelette!

It's a hand made wooden darning egg Bev that my grand dad made my grand mother. He was always making her things for her. I have the quilting frame he made for her too. He was a molder in the foundry and I have a number of things he made, like cast iron frying pan and a flat flap jack pan and a little White Bulldog that's a door stopper. Special things. <3