Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"The Horse is a Catalyst for a Woman's Creativity"

Robert Painter's Barb Horse -  Feugo - 2005, Catherine Meyers

I'm sure like most little girls, when I was once one, I longed to have a horse, deep in my bones. Not a pony, but a horse.
When I could easily see that this was not going to happen any time soon, regardless, I still hung on to that dream of having a horse, that I still have today.

During my teens I lived vicariously through those friends who had horses. It seemed and became apparent that I couldn't stop thinking about horses and longing to have them. It's something that takes hold of you rather like an addiction I think, which people often refer to, as being horse crazy.  I believe it's a kind of spiritual connection the exists deep within the spirit of a woman.

Later in my adult life when I was 40 I left my secure job as a Youth Care Worker. I had the opportunity when all the stars were aligned to go riding horses and live on a working horse farm were I learned as much as I possibly could about stable management, horse health and everything related to equestrian matters. I lived , breathed and smelled horses, almost 24/7. It was real hard work, but I fulfilled my dream come true.

In the book She Flies Without Wings, written by horse woman Mary Midkiff she writes this poignant quote.

"The horse is a catalyst for a woman's creativity because it carries us through the doors that stand between the familiar and the unfamiliar, limitations and freedom; and introduces us to experiences we might otherwise miss."

This quote deeply resonates with me and expresses in words what I unconsciously always knew.

During my time living with and learning about horses, and all the different horse breeds it was very exciting to me. I found I was especially drawn to ancient breeds like the Barb horse an ancient Iberian horse as old as the Arabian. Andalusians, Percheron, Frisians, Lipizzaner,  and the Morgan were all the breeds that left me enamoured with horses more than ever. The powerful necks and those long wavy manes were intoxicating to me.

 Then one day I found out about the Canadian Heritage Horse and it all began to make sense why I was so drawn to these ancient breeds I've mentioned. The Canadian Horse came from this special kind of lineage and contributed to many other breeds in North America. In particular the Morgan, one of my very favourites.

I still don't have my horse(s). You need more than one, because they are very social creatures! But I still have my dream of owning one and more. I'll never let that dream go.

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