Sunday, September 18, 2016

Writing About Your Art Work

Today I have a theme going about writing. It's just the way it happened. I love when synchronicity happens. I have become more acutely aware of this because I think my many years of journaling has helped me to fine tune my intuition. My experience is that the more you use your intuition, the more it works.

On my other blog Apple River Tarot Readings I wrote about communication and had a comment left on this post and she mentioned the term slow-journaling where you write very slowing your entry each word in neat cursive writing, thinking about what you are writing, and having a mindfulness in your journaling. I am familiar with what slow-communication is but had never heard of slow-journaling. I am certainly going to do this and I'm certain it will improve my writing.

After I finished this post in my Tarot blog I got and email from the site Curator entitled Smart Words. Interestingly, there was a great post on writing about your art work. A very important topic for artists that often goes under looked I believe. Below I have left my comment in response to this article.

" A great article and obviously very pertinent and essential to every artist.
As an artist who attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design way back in the 70s and again to complete my degree in 2012 at Mount Allison University in Sackville New Brunswick, I had the great opportunity to see first handed how art schools have changed for the art student. In the 70s we were given next to no information about marketing ourselves. Thankfully it is very much improved, and there is more focus on learning how to market ourselves.

Many artist’s are uncomfortable writing or explaining the work they create, much to their detriment.
In the 70s many students in University had very poor writing skills. Contemporary art students seem to have even less. The majority of the writing is composed online and there is next to no cursive writing even taught is secondary school. You don’t even have to look at a dictionary with auto correct. Eliminating cursive writing, is a huge mistake within the educational system, as I don’t think it can be replaced by online communication.
There needs to be a foundation to build on. It’s like learning to paint before understanding how to draw. Bringing back writing skills could enable artists to have the skills to know how to write about their work and feel more comfortable in doing so.
Thank you for this article I love your site! "

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