Friday, July 1, 2016

Canada Day - Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Spirit

On Canada Day, I think most of us take time to reflect about our country and what it means to be Canadian. I think Canadians have a clear understanding of what our identity is, in spite of the days when we seemed to be were less clear. We are ourselves are, down to earth, generous, love the land, and our culture of inclusiveness. This has not always been born out in reality in our past, present and no doubt reaching into our future. But I think we like to see ourselves as a hopeful people in spite of our troubles, and character defects.

David Johnston the Governor General of Canada does a good job in describing what Canada means to him. His perception is creative, hopeful and realistic I think.

Being Canadian for me is best described creatively through all the arts. Creativity requires an open heart, mind and spirit. That's my kind of Canada.

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