Tuesday, July 22, 2014

" Every life is a story... A story can change the world! "

 After twenty years of sobriety and being an artist, Carl Jung has become an vital part of my world as a recovering person, and as an artist. Today I saw this picture above, and got to thinking, I wanted to do a search for women artists, who are also involved in creating art reflecting Jungian philosophy, and his ideas. Well I certainly did, and what I found is very exciting to me!

Mythic Journeys  is a site I found today after I did a search for artists who were basing their work in Jungian thought. On this site I found out about the artist Ann McCoy and her introduction to Dr. Patricia Ariadne's book entitled, Women Dreaming into Art: Seven Artists Who Create from Dreams

"Coeur de Lion" by Ann McCoy

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