Friday, June 6, 2014

Same Mould, Same Mould

The day before my birthday, on June 3rd, 2014 I had a egg tempera painting exhibit at Struts Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick. It will be up for two weeks. The exhibit for me was a very affirming experience, and I enjoyed myself immensely, though I admit it was stressful leading up to the opening, being that I was not so thrilled about the subject matter, and found it very difficult to get motivated to paint, however upon  completion of the series I was feeling happy, and satisfied. I choose this subject matter as something entirely different, as a change in what I'll normally paint, with the thought, that it would be a good exercise, which it was.

 I certainly learned from the experience, painting ugly and rather gross things. My sculpture teacher first encouraged me to paint these illustrations from the recipe book, Davis Dainty Dishes that I had showed her a couple of years ago, when I was still at Mount Allison University, completing my BFA. She attended my opening, and I reminded her of the time I'd brought the recipe book into class, and told her, this was now all her fault that I was painting these moulds! She stated it was good to paint ugly things! Indeed!

 One of the ugliest of the " Dainty Dishes " is called Tongue Mould. Not that it is the ugliest, but the thought of eating cow's tongue brought back an old memory in my mind, the sight of a big old cow tongue laid up on the counter, in my mother's kitchen, that she was lovingly preparing for supper, when I was a teenager, and at that very moment I swore this would never ever pass my lips!

This one has got to be the ugliest!
Lobster Relish

 I couldn't bring myself to even think about painting tongue mould, not unlike many others in the book.  Before  my sculpture professor left the Struts Gallery on Tuesday night, she requested a commission painting of, you guessed it " Tongue Mould!

Now for you visual pleasure, I 've posted below the picture I have been commissioned to paint of  tongue mould. The other six are from my series of six egg tempera paintings I have hanging at Struts Gallery. They will be up until Saturday June 14th 2014. Here's to painting ugly things!

Tongue Mould From Davis Dainty Dishes

Charlotte Russe - Egg Tempera on Ceramic Tile, 6"x6", 2014

Carrington Mould - Egg Tempera on Ceramic Tile, 6"x6", 2014

Pavlova - Egg Tempera on Ceramic Tile, 6" x 6", 2014

Beetroot Mould - Egg Tempera on Ceramic Tile, 6" x 6", 2014

Fruit Jelly Mould - Egg Tempera on Ceramic Tile, 6" x6", 2014

Salmon In Jelly  Mould - Egg Tempera on Ceramic Tile, 6" x 6", 2014


Judith Joseph said...

Tongue Mould: The dish that licks you back.

Unknown said...

Oh that's good!!!Lol
Thanks Judith!
Yup takes a beatin' and keeps on lickin'!