Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Kind of Weeping Woman

This is my second egg tempera painting I did today for the next series I started working on yesterday.

It is sometimes difficult to know just when a piece is done. I think it is a common feeling that as a painter, never quite feeling a painting is finished.

I have made a minor change to this painting just a few seconds ago but I haven't posted it. I'll take another photo tomorrow of the changes I made tonight and compare the two and see which one I like better. Mean time this is going to do.

Here is the updated version I have softened the shadows on the hands.


Michael R. Gaudet said...

Hi Catherine, I think this painting shows a lot of emotion. It's interesting that it's in a circular that part of the meaning? The composition works very well in the circle, I will be interested to see what come sof it my friend!

Unknown said...

Thank you Michael,

The use of wood circles is something I like and had readily available for me to use. I love to recycle work these circles, squares and triangles were all part of a sculpture I did and so now they are painting panels!

Chris Down said...

Hi Catherine,
Your new work looks good, can't wait to see it in person. I found a blog you might be interested in, by the artist Altoon Sultan (altoonsultan dot blogspot dot com). His work is in tempera, and he has a fair amount of technical info about his work posted. If you scroll down there is also an interesting post about a portrait show at the Met.

Unknown said...

Hi Chris,

Thank you for dropping by and for your comments!

I am aware of Altoon Sultan. I subscribe to his blog. His work is wonderful! I will definitely check out his portrait painting at the Met! Thank you and see you soon.

Pa Ul said...

great painting

Global Artist Circle said...


Anonymous said...
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