Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Red Shoes

I thought I'd finished this painting, The Red Shoes as well as the Ugly Ducking a few weeks ago, until I met with my advisers this past week and a visiting artist, Carol Wainio. My meeting with them brought to the surface issues, I'd rather not elaborate on that I have been struggling with. Frankly, I was hoping perhaps it would go unnoticed and I could go merrily along my way in denial. I can be very good at that!

After having my ego bruised as my false pride quickly kicked in, I now have to proceed to kick my tuchus and get a move on with the tasks at hand.

                                      "Pride is the mask of one's own faults".

                                                                          Jewish Proverb

These are the revised versions. They aren't that different but I'm pretty happy with them.


Judith Joseph said...

It's hard to hear criticism, but they are doing you a favor, by giving you honest critiques. I have found that my ego is the very thing that blocks creativity, and the more I can set it aside, the better I do as an artist (and as a human being, too!)
I once gallery-sat for a two person show I did with a friend. I had tried a new way of painting on silk. I watched many people enter the gallery, glance at my work and walk straight to hers, so I knew my "experiment" was a flop. It was painful, but I felt good that at least I had taken a risk, even if it didn't come across. It's just part of the artistic life. Your paintings aren't a "flop", they have merit, even if they may have some issues. I like them!

Unknown said...

Thanks Judith so much for your comments. I believe you are very accurate in saying ego blocks creativity I think.

Haaa! Yes well even if my paintings where a flop doesn't mean I am as a person!

I've learned to develop a thicker skin regardless of what people say, however I can have my moments like every one.

Doing egg tempera is a new medium for me and sometimes I am out of my comfort zone and that's a good thing. I am on a learning curve!

I am very grateful to have advisors and peers who can give me honest feedback.

Thank you again very much for your comment Judith.