Friday, August 5, 2011

ANSSA Tapped Out

Short of being a raging granny, which I am not, as I am not a grandmother, and growing up in the sixties I have found myself being proactive, my version of raging, in that I am involved in advocating for myself as a student living in poverty in the context of being a Canadian citizen. I understand there are so many more living and dying in far greater poverty and in dire circumstances that I will never experience. Nonetheless I need to feed myself, pay my bills and try to make a living in order to support myself. The reality of poverty is all to common in the world and it is very real to me when I am forced to go to the food bank in a country supposedly as rich as Canada. 

My grandfather who was a very wise and good man always said, " The rich get richer and the poor get poorer". It is unfortunately still the same, throughout this world.

I am grateful I have the ability, opportunity, and voice to advocate on behalf of myself. Many cannot for a variety of reasons, some choose not to, remaining apathetic and cynical. I pray I will never be this person.

I have spent the last month writing letters to my MLA, the Department of Community Services, various elected officials,  the Nova Scotia Ombudsman and the media to hopefully draw attention to student poverty in Nova Scotia.

I found this video produced by students that address student poverty in Nova Scotia and come September I hope I can get active in ANSSA. I may never be  granny, but I will continue to rage against poverty.

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