Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Creative Cousin

People can say what they want about the pointlessness of social media, and I was no different before I decided to get involved with it.

I was looking for a friend I'd lost contact with over the years, this happened for no reason other than my own lack of effort to continue to nuture and value an important friendship. In this day of instant communication and fast paced life styles it is easy to loose sight of the importance of keeping in touch.

My mother use to say you can have several acquaintances but if you have a few close friends, then consider yourself very blessed. She was right speaking these words of wisdom. I have come to realize that it is so vital to nurture and value relationships with others, especially with friends and family. Relationships are what count the most in this life.

Social media allows for the opportunity to reunite, rekindle friendships, family bonds and even connect with relatives we never knew and to even make new friendships. I don't believe it is a replacement for face to face interaction but it certainly helps to keep those lines of communication open.

Today I met another creative cousin I'd never met before, through social media, who is a very talented photographer, and I have posted a link to his website. Peace of The North Photo Art


Peace of the North PhotoArt said...

Thank you Catherine. Steve is happy to have met a cousin from the old country lol I am his wife Sandra, and we both look forward to viewing some of your art. The Harry Manx you found earlier was my work, so you did have the right family.
The link you left on your blog for us did not work unfortunately, try
Or Steves RedBubble site is the best right now for him.

Nice to hear from you
Sandra Milner

Unknown said...

Hello Sandra! So pleased to meet you.

Your site is great! And wow you are both so talented! I absolutely love Harry Manx and have followed him for years. Milner are all great music lovers and musicians. Great thanks for letting me know about that link I will fix that right now! Thank you Sandra for dropping by and leaving a comment!

Amanda Trought said...

Catherine, great to connect through bloggers, looking forward to checking out your work

Unknown said...


Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comments! I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your work!