Monday, October 21, 2013


 I've been slow in getting to my blog posts lately, as I've had some computer technical difficulties, been very busy and haven't found much to blog about as of late. It does make me feel good to know I've accomplished my four hundredth post, as of today.

Summer is long over. I have to accept that. Every year it's always the same ; can't believe it's gone, can't believe it's coming; Winter that is.

I recently wrote my thoughts about my simultaneous feelings of joy and sadness surrounding this season of Fall.

Autumn is bitter sweet
First such beauty
Then so bleak

 I think most people experience this. It has been a particularly stunning Autumn with the trees a cacophony in a glorious pallet of colours. Suddenly it's over, and bleakness ensues! Blaaa gak!

Since September I've been involved with numerous activities, have a list of yard chores to do, trying to get ready for the coming Winter, and especially with the seemingly unending "woodin" to do. And so I haven't had much time or inclination to get art done. I have been in the planning stage of a series of new work. I will be starting preliminary drawings shortly. Shortly, being the operative word, I need keep, at the forefront of my mind. In the Fall, I have the nagging feeling I'm always falling short, and can't get enough done.

The coming change in season is the time for me to draw close to that still quiet voice, and take an inventory, when the earth appears to be asleep and even dying. In actual fact it is transforming, and I hope I am involved always in that same kind of transformative process.

Living in the North West Territories for three years, I know, and understand what cabin fever is. This state requires a concerted conscious effort to get out, and participate in healthy social activity. I need to reach out to others, and get outside of my comfort zone. I've found myself doing this over the past few months, and it's helped me to feel less disconnected and in that funk with myself.

 My recent involvement in playing and singing again, at our local Open Mic nights, has given me a renewed sense of self, fulfillment and fun, in being part of a community and fellowship, brought together through music, and it certainly can be a great healing activity for many.

Yesterday an artist friend and I attended an art event in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. The event was " Art in The Hall", which is sponsored by The Parrsboro Band Association. This was the second art event I participated in this year. Over the Summer I attended "Art In The Park".

 This community and cultural event brought together several artists within the area of Cumberland County. Some folks I had met in the past, and others I sure enjoyed meeting for the first time. It was a wonderful opportunity to feel a part of a rich creative, diverse and talented group of fellow artists, in a supportive, encouraging environment, along with meeting the public who came and it was great fun!


                        Wishing you all great transformation along life's journey!

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