Friday, May 3, 2013

Sebastiao Salgado

Yesterday while listening to Q, with Jian Ghomeshi, I heard an interview with wonderful, compassionate human being, and photographer I never heard of, or knew about. His name is Sebastiao Salgado. When I went searching for his work online, I was even more amazed by his photography, and his social conscience as an artist, preserving, and promoting the care of the good earth, documenting pristine environments throughout the world, and working toward the protection of the cultures, found in these remote, and isolated areas.

Sebastiao Salgado has his Masters Degree in economics. He later turned his interest and passions toward documentry photography and photo journalism. Along with his very accomplished wife Leila Wanick Salgado, an artist/teacher/musician/architect and urban planner started their own company Amazonas Images. The company is primarily involved in promoting Sebastiao Salgado's photography.

 I am not terribly surprized that he was an economist that became an artist. Presently the word economics has been misconstrued to mean something entirely different than it's true meaning. When most of us hear the word economy or economics we immediately think in terms of monetary concerns. I recall what environmentalist/scientist David Suzuki said about the root word of economy, relating it to the home, eco, referring to our habitat, climate, biology and of their careful usage and protection.

 Sebastiao Salgato without a doubt, has a very deep understanding of  the real menaing of economics. His most recent project entitled, Genesis is at the UK Natural History Museum from April to September 2013. It is described as being an hommage to the earth.

I am so glad I have learned about Amazonas Images and the Salgados! They are an amazingly talented, admirable, compassionate team, and beautiful couple.

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