Thursday, October 11, 2012

Out in Orbit?

So my loyal and much appreciated followers know, I have not dropped off the edge of the earth, nor am I am out in orbit. I deemed it necessary to provide you all with an update.

I have been having what I'll call internet issues, compounded by car issues, which are soon to be hopefully resolved! I have just had my car repaired and now have wheels back and forth to the library, where I can access a computer. Not having internet access has been a wonderful opportunity to regularly hand write in my daily journal, which always enables me to keep the creative wheels turning. Canning and gardening have been great grounding and meditative outlets for me, so I haven't been without things to do, until my muses returned.

September was a very creative one, after cleaning my slate so to speak, after graduation in May 2012. I can hardly believe it has been almost six months since my formal Fine Art education has come to an end. The student loan vipers have gladly informed me by mail in bold letters at the top of the page, "IT TIME TO START PAYING YOUR STUDENT LOAN!" Gol darn nice of them folks to let me know! How could I possibly forget!
In spite of the vipers, I am certain there are many more lessons ahead and I look forward to the future with hope and optimism.

I resumed my series of  " Wild Women " egg tempera paintings and completed six new pieces to add for a total of sixteen, three of which I sold and this had been a godsend financially to me.

I wasn't certain if I could upload my photos of these paintings here at the library, on to the computer and was happy to learn that I can, and I will do that tomorrow so I can share my new work.

Honestly, I was in a creative slump, or had a creative block, whatever you want to name it, right up until September. This is always a little daunting to me when this happens, because I have this bit of fear and dread that I will never paint again! However, "This too shall pass. " is my daily mantra. I shared my feelings and thoughts with my  artist/professor friends from University. One assured me, the best thing to do for this is create more work. Another suggested  I not get my underwear too much in a knot. He thought as perhaps I needed to take this reprieve as a way to clear the slate, clear out the University cob webs. And so they both where right and I got busy fueling the creative fire through reading, drawing and doodling until amazingly I had completed six paintings I am very happy with. I do feel I am done with this series. I am not certain I will return to them but remain open to whatever I am drawn to create. I am ruminating over two ideas presently, so it is to be seen what my imagination comes up with.  

Until tomorrow I will try not to let my meat loaf and look forward to blogging again as I have missed it a lot!

Thank you to all my fans and readers for your love, support and patience.


Kevin said...

It is nice to see your words again and as always well written...

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Kevin for your kind comments. Your encouragement means a lot!

Ajay said...

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Unknown said...

Thank you Ajay for stopping by. Your comments are appreciated very much.