Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Creative Process and Persistence

 My adjustment from being so involved in my daily life as a full time art student, for the past three years, to suddenly post graduation, and the confluent days of reflection, is not so difficult, as long as I remain diligent in pursuing the challenge of my creative process. One needs to to be proactive and persistent in doing so.

Normally no more than a week passes without me writing whether it be long hand or blogging, because it's what keeps me engaged in my creative process. Although it is a good thing to have down time, and having the opportunity to not think about anything, to let the mental dust settle, but it's now time to get blogging and writing again.

I ask myself, what do I blog about? I don't have an answer to this question, nor do I have any preconceived ideas or plans, but simply am getting to the process of writing, in hopes that this will lead to continued creative expression.

The other day I was painting, using oil, instead of my usual egg tempera medium, strictly for practical purposes, to complete a job for a friend. He built a concession stand for the Summer, and asked if I would paint pictures of delicious looking hotdogs and hamburgers that would look inviting, to potential beach customers, to purchase these at his stand.

I was very grateful to be given the job opportunity, but honestly, I was not so enthusiastic about rendering pictures of hotdogs and hamburgers. I was pleasantly surprised how much I really enjoyed it and in doing so, I was once again  reminded, that it really doesn't matter what I render, but what is important for me, is engaging in a creative process.

I also realize when one gets into a habitual way of thought in doing things a particular way, this can cause one to get into a rut of sorts, bordering on rigidity, or risk developing a kind of attitude, thinking you are some how above painting hotdogs etc., or make negative or non-constructive value judgements.

I realize I've missed working in oil as opposed to using only egg tempera and it really doesn't matter so much what it is I paint or what mediums I use. The creative process is paramount.


Betsy Grant said...

I agree, and it's also all right to decide you don't want to paint hot dogs anymore, and look for a better opportunity more suitable to your true talents and feelings. The art work you have displayed on your blog shows a real sensitivity and depth of feeling. Congratulations again.

Unknown said...

Awww Haaa Betsy! Yes, thank goodness I am not destined for a life long task of painting hotdogs and hamburgers!

Thank you Betsy for your support and encouragement as always!

Indigene said...

You're so right, we must continue to stretch ourselves in ways that might not look like what we normally do! You had a chance to exercise your "oil" arm! :) Now, you're at a very big cross road, of what do I do next and it's wonderful traveling along with you. :)

Unknown said...

Oh, I like that Indigene!

I exercised my oil arm!

I'm very familiar the cross roads! I trust The Creator will guide me and I'll find the way and looking forward to the next adventure! Thank you Indigene for the company along the road! :)