Monday, March 30, 2015

Lugubrious Linguistics?

I love communication, and I love language. My last year of University I had to take an academic elective so I could fulfill my degree requirements. The only courses that would fit in my schedule were, English Romantic Poetry, and Linguistics. I loved the Romantic Poetry. The Linguistics became my nemesis, and I became a little jaded. I did eventually come to appreciate the crazy world of Linguists, who seem to love to fight among themselves. I did not have that kind of special brain it takes to be good at it, and just barely passed the course.

My love of words stems from my mother who did crossword puzzles everyday of her life. She had her favourite words that have become mine as well.
Milk toast, insipid, vacuous, extrapolate, ort, lugubrious, limp, jaded, lucid, salacious, doolally, loquacious, interlope, banal, bucolic, are just a few words I am most fond of, though I don't use them often. I like to make words up, and so why shouldn't we? Language is a living thing. It is always changing and ever evolving.

I would have enjoyed watching this video in my Linguistics class. What I did find most compelling in my linguistics class was learning that linguistics is about the history of people, and you'll see this for yourself in this very humourous and entertaining, animated History of English.


thesycamoretree said...

That video of the history of the English language was pure gold! :D I suppose my love of poetry, blogging, crosswords, Scrabble and Quiddler is a sure "tell" that I'm a word lover!

Unknown said...

Hi Bev!!!
Wasn't that an absolute hoot! I'm so glad you dropped by and got to see it!

Oh never heard of Quiddler! How about ort? My mum taught me that one from the crosswords! It means table scraps.