Monday, March 2, 2015

Grandmother Moon

The Mother's Prayers Are Carried to the Grandmother - Catherine Meyers

Grandmother Moon                                  
Without the glare of city lights,
The darkness surrounds me
As I drive home late at night.
Into my mind creeps
A trickle of fear.
Then, above me I see
Grandmother Moon in the fullness of her glory.
Like the Creator's protective eye,
Her gentle glow never leaves me.
I feel the love of the Divine
Surround and enfold me,
Like a warm, soft cloak,
As I am guided home.
- B.K.

I have an online friend who wrote this beautiful poem, Grandmother Moon. We have much in common in spirit, and when she shared this poem with me, I immediately thought of a painting I did a number of years ago, I called  it The Mother's Prayers Are Carried to the Grandmother. I thought the two paired together went well with one another. I asked her today if I could post her poem along with my painting, she said yes, and so here they are together.


thesycamoretree said...

As a drumming enthusiast, I'm happy and honored to have my poem paired with your lovely painting. :) I prefer art with heart, like yours!

Judith Joseph said...

Beautiful! I love the poem and the painting. Thank you for sharing these works.