Tuesday, March 10, 2015

No Ordinary Topless Accordion Player

Debbie Patterson

I've always loved the accordion.,and took lessons until I was about 13 years old at the Ontario Conservatory of Music. I still can play the piece I performed for my final exam. I played accordion when it wasn't cool, and then began to loose interest because what I really wanted to learn was the guitar, and of course being a pubescent teenager, I was wanting to be very cool.

Speaking of cool, I heard an very cool and awesome accordion player today on  DNTO, CBC Radio. She had actually been a topless accordion player by the name Debbie Patterson. I also found out she is so much more than an accordion player. She is a writer, play write, an actress, and now a dancer. She is a very gifted, talented, multifaceted and inspiring  human being.

Feb 2014 Sargent Victor from Theatre Projects Manitoba on Vimeo.

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