Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bob Ross - Happy Little Clouds and Happy Little Trees

Even Bigger Bob Afro!

Life can really suck the big one sometimes. It's so important to be able to have a sense of humour, and I am so grateful that I have beautiful friends and family that laugh a lot, because it can get very wearisome with all the problems we encounter. Sometimes the best medicine is just to laugh, which is just why I wanted to post this Youtube video.

 Bob Ross never fails to make me laugh, and to give me that warm, happy, fuzzy feeling, that only Bob Ross can do no matter how many times I see him, and why I am sharing this, in hopes that maybe it will give my viewers the same feeling, if you just need that moment, and that much needed break from life's problems.

Love those happy little clouds, and happy little trees. I believe Bob Ross! I believe!

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Inner Personal said...

I've always enjoyed Bob Ross as well! Have a good day. :-)