Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thanks For Seven Years Now Where's My Wad a Dough?

These days I write, and I write, and I write some more. It's a good thing. I can't help but write everyday. If I don't write, the day just feels off to me. I began this blog November 11th 2008. Then in February 13th, 2014, I started another blog all about Apple River Tarot Readings that I post to daily, and it has been very rewarding personally, especially doing individual readings for people that I can hopefully help.

It is very encouraging to get feedback from readers who leave comments. They motivate and inspire me to keep writing. Sometimes a blogger can feel like they are talking to the ether out in cyber sphere.  So, if I haven't already invited you to leave a comment, and if you are so inclined, please don't be shy, as I would absolutely love to hear from you, good , bad or indifferent!

Today I received a notification from Google AdSense that I've been using AdSense for 7 years. I've always been  very fond of  and partial to the number seven , and so I am expecting this year to be a good one filled with increasing growth, confidence, adventure and transformation.

It is a an encouraging acknowledgement of my seven years, as I've worked with committed diligence at this blog. Although I haven't had much remuneration in monetizing this site, it has improved and continues to do so everyday. It may sound ridiculous to some folks but believe me, I get pretty darn excited when I make over a dollar a day...once in a while!

 I figure by the time I'm 80, I might have my first 100 dollars! It would be great if that came sooner, but regardless, I never started blogging for the big bucks!

I sure am grateful to each and every one of my viewers and followers, regardless if they are clicking on my ads or not. To all of you, I thank you very much, as you are all greatly appreciated.

Here's what my little anniversary card from said from Google AdSense.

AdSense achievement

7 years Happy Anniversary! As of today, you've been with AdSense for 7 years

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