Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Willie Baronet - Artist

I heard about this artist a few months back on CBC radio and found this article today about Artist Willie Baronet who has taken on a project called, We Are All Homeless that he began several years back and has continued since 1993, which morphed into a poignant documentary about homelessness.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Michael Gaudet - Artist

I wanted to post this interview from  LIT Happens, a Shaw Cable Systems cable broadcast from Saskatchewan. The interview is with my dear old friend Michael Gaudet. We knew one another at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax during the 70s.

Michael is not only an amazingly talented artist, but is a remarkable human being, with a big loving heart, and has a great conviction and passion to and for life and his art. I am proud to say he is my friend.

You can find Michael's blogs at the links listed .

Lovers Lane - Michael Gaudet

Serene Path - Michael Gaudet

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ralph Nader - Told You So

This morning I listened to a rebroadcast of the Current. There was a special segment called Project Money. Ralph Nader was talking about minimum wage. I admit, have not read anything by Ralph Nader, but have heard him speak several times through the media, and have always found him to be a highly intelligent man, and a compelling activist, and what he has to say, makes an enormous amount of sense to me. Terry O'Reilly also had a great interview with him many months ago, talking about his book Told You So.

Most artists struggle financially, as do the majority of people globally, and live daily with the fear of financial insecurity and poverty.

 Chris Hedges on the site Truth Dig, and Nation of Change, quoted from Ralph Nader and it demonstrates the injustice, and disproportionate wage gap between rich and poor, comparing it to medieval times.

“ How much political courage does it take to stand up for guys making $7.25 an hour while the head of Wal-Mart is making $11,000 an hour?” Nader asked. “What medieval period had that kind of wealth disparity? " - Ralph Nader

This got me thinking about what Ralph Nader thinks about creativity, and I think I found quote that encapsulates his thoughts, from the site focusing on the film about Ralph Nader An unReasonable Man

 " The students are not learning. They're not learning citizen skills. They're not learning how to practice democracy. They're not learning the creative force of their personality, and idealism and imagination.  Maybe if we started talking about citizen globalization, civic globalization, instead of corporate globalization, the world will move forward!  Let not future generations look back on us and say that this was the last generation that refused to give up so little in order to achieve so much."
-- Ralph Nader 

I think this quote indicates how Ralph Nader sees a direct correlation between the educational system and how our economy is run. I think he is of the same mind set as Sir Ken Robinson who believes that there needs to be a paradigm shift in the educational system.

When I think about students not learning citizen skills, it makes me think about B.F. Skinner, who rewarded, and punished rats through his behavioural modification method. Firstly, we are not rats, and are not always rewarded for good behaviour, nor punished by our bad behaviour; and it often it can be the opposite situation, where we are rewarded for bad behaviour and punished for good..

 Oh yes, we can become good citizens even politicians, however often, too many simply learn to manipulate the system, but makes for lousy human beings. I would suggest it isn't enough to learn about citizen skills, as we are in desperate need of learning how to be better human beings.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photomatic - Traveling Tintype Studio

Karen Stentaford was one of my photography teachers at Mount Allison University. She is a very talented artist, a fabulous teacher and a hard worker.
 If you are in the Eastport Maine area check out Photomatic Traveling Tintype Studio!

Vivian Maier - More Complicated

I found an updated article in Hyperallergic Newsletter about Vivian Maier today, which leaves us with a lot to think about.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Suzanne Heintz - " The Playing House Project "

Suzanne Heintz

I think Suzanne Heintz's is a remarkable and perceptive artist. She was recently written about, on the site, 22 Words by Jake Johnson. It is a very well written, comprehensive article, from an exclusive interview, that provided insight into the artist's background, and how it has influenced her, and The Playing House Project that has evolved from her photography project, entitled Life Once Removed.

I hope you will take the time to visit Jake Johnson's interview article and Suzanne Heinz's site. I think you will find it very worthwhile.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

" Every life is a story... A story can change the world! "

 After twenty years of sobriety and being an artist, Carl Jung has become an vital part of my world as a recovering person, and as an artist. Today I saw this picture above, and got to thinking, I wanted to do a search for women artists, who are also involved in creating art reflecting Jungian philosophy, and his ideas. Well I certainly did, and what I found is very exciting to me!

Mythic Journeys  is a site I found today after I did a search for artists who were basing their work in Jungian thought. On this site I found out about the artist Ann McCoy and her introduction to Dr. Patricia Ariadne's book entitled, Women Dreaming into Art: Seven Artists Who Create from Dreams

"Coeur de Lion" by Ann McCoy