Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Desire - Creation - Sheela-Na-Gig

This weekend I spent three glorious days with a group of wonderful women friends, I call my soul sisters.  At one point during our weekend I very enthusiastically in so many words, shared my thoughts on how historically the connection between body and soul was destroyed with the overthrow of the Mother Goddess, (Sheela-Na -Gig). The body of the woman was once the equivalent of the body of the Goddess, a container for the creative miracle of life. Then, there was a feeling of awesomeness in the truest meaning of the word. I feel very passionately about this, and I believe in the world today there is a movement of reclamation of this sense of sacredness, the deep wisdom of the female body, and the mysteries of feminine sexuality.

Finding this video I have posted, I closely watched for a second time today. It encapsulated and affirmed what I have been internalizing and processing, over a number of years.

Regena Thomashauer I'd never heard tell of, up until two weeks ago. I glean a lot from what she says. She affirms for me, what I have believed for sometime now, that many women are reclaiming the Divine Feminine, are on a quest for wholeness as Maureen Murdock talks about, and explores in her book The Heroine's Journey.


thesycamoretree said...

I'd love to attend Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts - she is so energetic and positive, but most of all FUN. :)
I think many women, especially those who've experience emotional or physical abuse, only make it back to spirituality through the feminine divine.

Unknown said...

Me too Bev! It would definitely be fun! I'm glad I don't need to go to school to learn how to reclaim the Feminine Divine!
She certainly gives such a wonderful important message that so many of us need to hear.