Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Empress/Demeter/The Earth Mother/The Red Tent

The Empress/Demeter/The Earth Mother/The Red Tent  - Completed Painting/ Day Three

Second stage of painting/ Day Two

First Stage/ Day one

Finally I am able to find and take the time to work on my third painting of my Tarot series. I've completed this painting the third Major Arcana card out of a series of 22 I am undertaking.  Eventually I hope to complete the whole 78 cards that make up the whole deck. These paintings are be based on my own interpretation of the Mythic Tarot, using egg tempera on 6"x6" porcelain tiles. She is The Empress. My art practice and passion for art and Tarot are fusing together.

Painting should first and foremost be pleasurable and fun. If it isn't, we're really missing the most important thing about the creative process I think. I have come to understand that it is through pleasure, play and desire we connect to the Creative Divine, and this is lateral thinking, or generative thinking, not linear.

As an artist I don't believe I am any different then the next one. We are sometimes full of self-doubt, and that inner critic creep, rants and raves about how we are not artists or what and why we create just isn't right, or good enough. We all have to find a way to get over this, get over ourselves, and get beyond our delicate egos. The adage of the egotist with an inferiority complex comes to mind.


thesycamoretree said...

This was great to see all the different layers (and work!) put into your painting! Well done!

Unknown said...

Thank you Bev. I'm on a creative roll and OCD! Lol