Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is Making Money Art? Is Working Art? Is Good Business the Best Art?

I understand how there is corruption and greed that drives much of the business and political world. I despise both.

The 'art world' is no different unfortunately. The only art world that really seems to exists today, can be found thriving within the imagination of the creative individual, devoid of the primary goal being as much financial gain and wealth possible, regardless of the cost. Instead, the creative process, art for art's sake, for change, and having some kind of moral compass, is what is paramount to many creative individuals.

I'm not sure I believe in Andy Warhol's premise of, " Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. "

Andy Warhol made it very clear when he stated " I'm not a social critic".
I know it is essential that artist's be momentarily well compensated for the value of their work, to be able to make a living supporting themselves, like any one else. Making money is not art, working is not art, and good business is not the best art in my opinion. Making money is making money, working is working, and good business is good business.

Artist's do need to think and learn about business. That said, at what point do you begin to sell out your integrity, and your values for the almighty dollar? At what point do you leave the art world and join the art market? It's all good if your not a social critic and you can deaden your conscience.

I was motivated to write this blog post today by this article posted by a friend on Facebook. Thanks Jerald!

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