Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Drawing People From Life

This portrait of fellow artist Lynn Rotin, by Catherine MacLean, is part of MacLean’s series of portraits completed in live sittings.- Photograph Elissa Barnard

My beautiful friend, mentor, and fellow artist Catherine Maclean I first met several years ago, when she came with her husband to live in the nearby coastal village of Advocate Harbour.

Catherine is a wonderfully creative, hardworking, very intelligent,and personable individual with whom I have come to respect and love very much.

She may not realize how much she influenced my decision to return to University to finish my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree.
It was Catherine I first told between the years of  2007- 2008 that I was seriously considering returning to University to finish my degree after being out of school for 30 years. She gave me the affirmation I needed.

Her attitude was so supportive, understanding, and shared with me she had done the same thing a number of years back. We both attended the same art schools  during different periods of time. We discovered from there on in how very much we had in common, and have been close friends ever since.

I am posting an article written by Elissa Barnard, that was published recently written about Catherine's most recent exhibition, entitled "People".

Catherine is very much a people person in that she takes a genuine interest in them, and loves to interact with others, and so her portraiture drawings, and paintings are very much a reflection of this connection she makes with her fellow human beings.

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