Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Pleasure of Creativity - Art Isn't Art Unless It's Shared

The Emperor - Egg Tempera of Porcelain Tile 6"x6"', 2015 - Catherine Meyers

Today I had the great pleasure of having an opening at The Art Lab in Parrsboro. The creative process of painting is a solitary thing for me. Some folks want to have the company of others when they are creating art. Not me.

Although making art is a very satisfying thing because it is solitary, sometimes you can feel isolated and almost detached from what you are doing, just you and your painting thoughts, and perhaps from time to time find yourself wondering why you are even involved with making art, and asking what it all means.

When you have the opportunity to have an opening with your peers and are able to share your work with others who appreciate what you do, suddenly it all makes sense, becoming a very rewarding and extremely satisfying experience. I am of the opinion that art isn't art, unless it is shared.

The exhibition will be up for three weeks until September 12th 2015.

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