Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Last Train

The rural areas across Canada have a hard go of it these days. High percentages of unemployment, opportunity, and the move to centralize business, institutions, and housing in the city, has lead to such a change in demographics and a different quality of life, a change in farming and a change in the world that has quickly become global.

 Elders who have spent there lives in tight knit rural communities, are sadly now left watching their children and grandchildren leave for a 'better life.'

 Communication and connection now is a computer screen, where family and friends are miles away from one another, and only memories of a lifestyle that was once a happier, healthier sense of family, and community. Ironically we are technologically more connected but feeling more isolated from ourselves, from others, and from Spirit.

My cousin Carla sings in her song, The Last Train about this situation and depicts an all to common circumstance that exists within small rural communities.

I moved to the country over 20 years ago. I don't ever regret that decision. I love the peace and solitude. I love the connection I feel with the natural world, with my rural community and with the God of my understanding.

Many of us have lost connection with the earth ,and are caught up in the concrete consumer world, where there is physical poverty and homelessness and a poverty of spirit.
In spite of these changes, I am hopeful when I see young people wanting to move to rural communities. God only knows we have to have hope.


Unknown said...

So true Cathy....your cousin wrote a great song ...I tried to click on your painting but it didn't enlarge...I couldn't see it...age you know..Great collaboration!

thesycamoretree said...

I've got to have a bit of dirt and some green around me too; the natural world is the Mystery's tonic for me. :) My stepson was recently here from NYC, and he said that it is easy to be anonymous in such a crowded place. As you alluded to, there is a big difference between a community of people and a crowd of them.

Unknown said...

Thank you Joni for your comment. Carla's kind of like the female version of Stompin' Tom you know. And she knows ALL of his songs.

Sorry about the painting. It isn't very big nor is the photo. I made several versions of 'Apple River' it, and sold them all.

Unknown said...

Oh boy me too Bev. Even if it hard work being in the garden and all that dirt work, I feel so good afterwards.

That's so true, what you say about the differences between community and crowds. Well the birds and the other critters don't know my name, and that's enough anonymity for me ;) Folks here wave at each other from their cars no matter how many times we drive by, and everyone knows your name. Gives you a real sense of belonging, and I love that.