Wednesday, July 1, 2015

John Ralston Saul - Comeback

 "There's this wonderful resurgence, comeback, whatever you want to call it of indigenous people in Canada. But at the same time there is a continuation of and a strengthening - a very surprising strengthening of the 19th century Imperial ideas at their worst. Suddenly you're able to talk about the British Empire as if it was a lovely romantic place, and the French Empire."
-- John Ralston Saul

My late husband had a Cree heritage. I loved him deeply, and miss him greatly. I am certain this is why today I feel particularly connected to Indigenous people. But in the past I have had many close friendships with many First Nations brothers and sisters. I identify philosophically more with this culture spiritually then my own.

While driving home from an appointment last night I heard Ideas with Paul Kennedy in discussion with John Ralston Saul and Hayden King from Ryerson University. It was a compelling discussion with powerful message with a call to action for each and every Canadian.


thesycamoretree said...

Your post made me think of a new phrase I learned: white fragility. Basically whites get stressed by any mention of racism and try to deflect the discussion with platitudes or other diversions. But nothing gets talked about, changed or solved.

Unknown said...

Bev 'white fragility' is an apt description I think.
When John Ralston Saul spoke about the narrative in First Nations language, he pointed out how Indigenous people have an inclusive philosophy in their language i.e. referring to anyone who is older as an elder, and simply addressed as uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother. There isn't the premise of race but of community and welcomed as part of it.

I hope you get a chance to listen to his interview. I am looking very forward to reading his new book.

P.S. Great article by the way!