Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Informed Creative Leaders

 I've been without my internet for three days and finally got it back this afternoon. I felt lost not being able to write my blogs. So I played Solitaire and Pin Ball. I'm not sure this helped with my creativity, but it was a good distraction from my frustration.

 My technical problem was a simple matter of not knowing one of the cables to my router had been accidentally disconnected, and then I re-connected it, but didn't do this correctly.

 Thank goodness for computer technicians. Sometimes as artists we can feel like technophobes and just don't 'get' technology, and this can be frustrating, which I think is a good thing really. When we come up against a technological problem as a creative person, most of us see this as a creative challenge to solve.

 There may just as well, be technologists that feel they don't 'get' art. This got me thinking about art and technology. There are those of us creative types that believe, and know that there is a complimentary balance between art and technology. The kind of interdependent balance that Robert Persig talks about in his book Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

I found this video of John Maeda's TED talk about how art, technology, and design inform creative leaders to be very insightful.
To me creativity is not so much about the finding the answers to our questions, but more about the questions we ask along the way, during the creative process.

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