Sunday, September 13, 2015

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Warsan Shire

To say I am frustrated, and very disgusted by the Canadian government for countless reasons, is to put it mildly, and way beyond an understatement.To date the lack of Steven Harper's compassion toward refugees defies my ability to describe how I feel in my own words. and so today I am relying on poetry.

I am no poet, but I so love that fact that poetry can express for us, what we can't put into words ourselves. One such poem I heard today deeply moved me, written by Somali Poet Warsan Shire, she calls Home. This poem profoundly encapsulates the dire situation refugees are in world wide.You can hear this poem read on CBC Radio Sunday Edition.

Canada often holds itself up to the rest of the world as an example of a very welcoming country, with a commitment to compassion and an open armed acceptance toward refuges and immigrants.  Unfortunately this is a myth, that many either don't know is untrue, or are in denial about as part of our historical legacy and past. This attitude is still born out today in the way First Nations are treated and others who are marginalized groups that are either coming to our country or are presently in the system to become Canadians. 


Judith Joseph said...

Thank you for sharing this poem. It blew my mind.

Unknown said...

Thank you for reading it Judith, and for your comment. It's so powerfully poignant.

Indigene Theresa said...

I have to admit, I thought that Canada was light years ahead of America, in being an open country as far as immigrants were concerned. It sadden me greartly to learn otherwise, especially when it comes to First Nation people. It breaks my heart...

Unknown said...

So glad I caught your comment Indigene. I was wanting to share this poem with a fellow blogger and found your comment. I don't know how I missed it.

Many Canadians, especially within our political system selectively choose to forget our past. Jews were refused entry into Canada during the World War 11 and Japanese and German Canadian citizens were also placed in internment camps. Today Indigenous people live in abject poverty and without clean food and shelter etc. We have homeless Veterans,youth and the mentally ill and anyone who is marginalized based on race, and poverty who don't get enough support. The list goes on.

So I as one Canadian am grateful to live in this country but I know realistically we are greatly lacking and have no business perpetuating a smug attitude about how far ahead we are.

Thank you Indigene for you comment and Christmas Blessings to you and yours and great abundance in the New Year! XO