Monday, September 14, 2015

Franke James - Banned On The Hill - The Art & Censorship

Frankie James

The last month of an election campaign is gearing up here in Canada, before we go to the polls again, after a long almost nine years of the same government.

In our last election only 38% of the population turned out to exercise their democratic right . We now have a fear mongering government controlling a country, driving it into the ground environmentally, and economically, hell bent on security, involvement in a war never to be won, and the muzzling of truth telling scientists or of anyone who criticizes.

Those of us who chose not to vote where not muzzled. We elected this government through sins of omission and we got just what we asked for. A governing scenario that glaringly reflects Stephen Harper's controlling personality which is well documented by those who work under this government.

I was thinking this morning about what Steven Harper could learn from artists, when I came across Canadian artist/activist Frankie James, whose art was censored and her art grant revoked for criticizing Canada's ruling Conservative Party. It's a real eye opener. You can watch the video here.

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