Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Rare Breed

Canadian Heritage Horse - Oil on Canvas - Catherine Meyers, 2010

I was excited to hear an interview this morning about Canada's National Heritage Horse being featured at North America's longest running Agricultural Fair in Nova Scotia, the Hants County Exhibition, which first exhibition began 250 years ago.

The Canadian Horse was in Canada before we were actually a country. It is still endangered as it's numbers have declined. Canada owes so much to this rare breed in the establishment of our great country Canada.I have been a passionate fan of our Canadian Heritage Horse since I first found out about it in 1994. 

The video I have included is of Lacey, that belonged to Pat Garland at Cosyland Farms, and demonstrates the beauty and majesty of the breed. One of the best I have seen.Very sadly Lacey is no longer alive, and Pat's breeding farm was sold as were her beautiful horses.

In the past I've loved making the Canadian Horse my subject matter for my oil paintings because I am so passionate about the what is affectionately called The Little Iron Horse, due to it's endurance, legs of steel, good confirmation, intelligence, being an easy keeper, and gentle loving nature.

 The industrialization of agriculture has helped in lowering the cost of food, however the cost is much greater now, being the consequence of extinction of many breeds in livestock and animals.
 In order to protect the future of our entire planet, we must honour, preserve and protect our rare breeds and all animals within our world and delicate eco-systems.


thesycamoretree said...

What a beautiful, spirited horse! No wonder you like using it as a painting focus. There are so many animals, birds, etc. that aren't considered "useful" or exotic enough to worry about their loss. Such a shame...

Unknown said...

They are an incredible breed with a wonderful historical lineage from the Andalusian, the Barb and Percheron, right for King Louis the 14th's Royal Stable. So many don't know about this horse and sadly many in Canada! Thank you for commenting Bev. It's so true useful seems to be the priority. But they are all necessary to all life and the world.