Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wendell Pierce - " Not A Superficial Thing "

Listening to CBC Q today I heard such an inspiring interview with actor Wendell Pierce who grew up in Pontchartrain Park, New Orleans. His personal life story and the profound points he made during this interview regarding how art empowers, and sustains life itself makes it obvious how he is not only a wonderful ambassador for New Orleans, but more importantly he also demonstrates how he and New Orleans are a compelling an example for the rest of us in showing the world how to be a dedicated purveyor of art and culture, as an example of how art and culture have an inseparable connection to life itself.

" The role of art is to be what thoughts are to an individual when we lie awake at night and contemplate our lives - where we've been, where we hope to go. We declare what is important to us, and then chart a course of meaning and purpose in our lives. That is what the communal nature of art should always be. And what's happened is we don't teach our kids art's importance in their lives and how it can be life changing, life-affirming. It is not a superficial thing."

Wendell Pierce


Judith Joseph said...

I heard this interview, too. It was so inspiring! He said that it was art that brought New Orleans back after Katrina.

Unknown said...

Such a testament to power of art and the human spirit! So glad you heard this interview Judith!