Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Anna Shoub - Home Is Where The Hat Is

Anna Shoub

What I love about rural Nova Scotia is of course the beauty of the land, the expanse of the sea, and the real sense of community and traditional values. It's a place that truly does inspire and nurtures creativity and why I chose to live here..

A friend of mine posted this article written in a blog about our area. It is a great post I think, and very aptly describes where we live and why. What especially excited me, was to find out about Anna Shoub who lives in beautiful Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and writes a blog. She is an artist, a hat junkie, is what she calls herself. She practices the fine art of both practical and functional old fashioned millinery, with great attention to detail. Her hats are Canadian hand made quality, that reflect vintage styles, and are made using a swath of fabrics.

Whenever I hear about those who make hats, I think of my mother's stories about how there were millinery shops and every woman wore one, when she was growing up, and how she'd taught herself to make them.

I love hats, and I remember one of my fondest memories was going to a millinery shop with a friend in Fredericton.  That afternoon we spend about an hour having so much fun, trying on all these magnificent hats, fantasizing that we were different people, living in a period of time, when women looked beautiful, feminine, and even glamorous in hats.

Every year around Easter, I get this huge hankerin' for finding an Easter bonnet, but I haven't found one yet. Now that Fall is soon to be upon us with Winter ahead I'll make it my goal to find one come next Easter in the Spring, my favourite time of year. Until then, maybe I'll find some handmade hats to tide me over in the meantime!

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