Thursday, October 1, 2015

You Got Me Singing Take It With Me

 I heard Tom Waits Take It With Me last week on Bruce Cockburn's My Play List, a really neat CBC radio program that features musicians and their own personal playlist of their favourite music, and what it means to them. l've been a long time fan of Bruce Cockburn since I was about 16 years old, and the same with Tom Waits. I've had the great pleasure of seeing both of them in concert. Take It With Me expresses the feelings most of us have about our memories of life, and love.

 The one other artist I also put into that category of consummate poets and philosophers, is Leonard Cohen,  and whom I would dearly love to see live.

 The changing of the seasons, like from Summer into Fall, brings up a sadness in my soul that comes to the surface because of the losses I have had in my life, and I think about people, places and the events in the past, that live deeply in the memories of my heart. We all experience times like this in our lives. Music and words can touch the soul so deeply, and be a healing balm to a troubled soul.

I was profoundly touched by this particular Ideas broadcast entitled Global Migration and Finding Home with Pico Iyer, that includes Leonard Cohen's beautiful song, You Got Me Singing. I love what Pico had to say about Leonard.

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