Sunday, October 11, 2015

Going Solo


" Despite its prevalence, living alone is one of the least discussed and consequently, most poorly understood issues of our time. "
                                     - Eric Klinenberg

The above is a quote I read this morning by Sociologist and Author Eric Klinenberg. Most artists need solitude, alone time, and statistically most of us live alone, being in the 50% of the population that are single.

I have to admit living alone can be challenging and there can be lonely times like the holidays, but my worst experiences have been the loneliness you can feel within a relationship. At the age of 62, I actually prefer living alone which gives me a lot of freedom and contentment. It's not without it's frustrations, but what lifestyle isn't.

In the past being single was either frowned upon, and the Greeks like Aristotle considered it a fate worst than death. Today I think singleness is seen as being somewhat suspect, and a threat to those coupled.

 Roughly one out of every seven adults live alone. I think this needs to be talked about more. The pros and cons, and how our culture and society is drastically changing because of it, in positive and negative ways.

I have been alone the majority of my life and have adapted, come to appreciate, and need my solitude. Being an artist I think makes it much easier because I always have something to do. My creativity takes up much of my time, and I can put my energy into my creative work, which is a very good thing. If I hadn't made the decision to do this, I'd be unhappy and annoyed most of the time.

Solitude heightens my receptivity to creativity. My thoughts and feelings are not only mirrored back to me. but I make the decision to face my thoughts and emotions over long periods of time alone. This is were the creative process unfolds, in my solitude, often in the contented, lonely hours.


thesycamoretree said...

Your post made me think of the Nine of Pentacles woman, usually portrayed living a contented life by herself. That I think comes first before the Ten shown with a family. The society I live in has it backwards, always pushing singles to get married. We should be training people how to be independent and comfortable with themselves before thrusting them on other people! :)

Unknown said...

Oh boy, you said it! Thank you for that insightful comment Bev! I love your comparison to the Nine of Pentacles and correlation the Ten of Pentacles.