Sunday, October 25, 2015

Steve Bonello - Artist Extraordinaire

Honourable Gentlemen (1993). Drawing in ink and mixed media. I was probably influenced by the daring assassinations of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino which had happened in quick succession.

I subscribed to a site that gives your the opportunity to link, review and refer you to other sites. Much of the information provided can be lacking in taste and quality websites. Though every now and again, I come across some amazing sites in particular I am talking about artist sites. I get very enthusiastic and give them a glowing review, because it is most deserving.

 I came across the art work of  Steve Bonello who is from Malta. This finely rendered, and detailed artwork is mostly done with coloured ink, pen and mixed media, which art has a classical yet contemporary quality with some great socio-political content in his cartoons and illustrations with a very humorous bent.

Bastions of the Faith (1989) Ink and mixed media (Private Collection Malta)

Steve Bonello also has a wonderful in depth blog that covers a wide variety of topics much like the subject matter of his art work.I think you will agree both his site and blog are very well worth checking out.

The Market at San Lorenzo, Florence (1989) Ink and mixed media. (Private Collection Malta)
It is difficult to go to Florence and not fall in love with the place. Apart from the wealth of art everywhere I have a soft spot for markets and this is my homage to one of the city's liveliest.


Unknown said...

Thanks for featuring me! My FB page here

Unknown said...

Oh you are most welcome Steve! Your work is wonderful in so many ways.

The socio-political commentary, humour and satire, not to mention your imagination and rendering skills are exceptional in my opinion! Extraordinary!

Unknown said...

Too kind!