Saturday, October 24, 2015

Robert Burley - The Disappearance of Darkness

Robert Burley

I am grateful for having had the experience, the privilege of learning about the art, the process, the history, and the philosophical magic of photography with an old school photography teacher, Thaddeus Holownia.

 As most artists involved with photography, I have to say I am saddened, and troubled in seeing the changes that have taken place very quickly, especially the demise of Kodak, and film processing. It appears to be the end of the a Golden Era of film.

Those of us that spent hours in the dark room of chemicals, feverishly developing film, diligently bent over enlargers, and perusing through contact sheets was what the process of photography was all about and so much more.

Thankfully Canadian photographer Robert Burley spent six years documenting what has happened to photography, eloquently and succinctly expressing in his book, The Disappearance of Darkness what many analog photographers are also lamenting.

Among many younger art students there is a re-surging interest in the traditional photographic processes, such as using large format, black and white film, gelatin-silver process, and working in a dark room.

 My hope is that it will be enough to reignite more interest in photography to include, and supplement digital photography along side of analog photography, without replacing it exclusively with digital and without a disappearance of darkness.

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