Friday, March 4, 2011

Art Story

I was hoping to have a few more things to post regarding my Open Media project but a computer glitch only allowed for these three files to be forwarded. I'll be expanding these further, and will be posting all of the excerpts from two of my journals, dating back to 1982 to 1995. As well, I will be posting more of my late husband's writings, that he wrote in the 70s. These are the first of a number to follow, involving this journal and writing project. To me they all are an expression about life of somewhat unconventional prayerful like thoughts.

The brown marked journal begins in 1982. A lot of changes took place in my life during the period of time, covered in this journal; two years after losing my first husband to a tragic death after four months of our marriage. During this time I turned 30, married and divorced my second husband and reunited with my absentee alcoholic father after 26 years of not knowing his whereabouts.

The second large book, Morning Pages Journal, I made a contract with myself to commit to writing everyday, three pages, which began in 1995. This was also the first year I was introduced to, The Artist Way, by Julie Cameron, which literally changed my life. I had one year of sobriety as a recovering alcoholic, quit my 8 year job as a Youth Care Worker and went riding horses for two years and it was the year my loving mother died.

The single sheet, is a page from one of many writings, belonging to my late husband. This was a writing dedicated to his youngest, little brother, Buddy. Bill's passion was writing and working with troubled kids, and blues. He loved the written word and considered himself to be a writer. I very much believe, Bill truly had the heart of a writer and taught me so much about compassion and generosity more than anyone else I have every met in my life, and after 30 years, I still miss him deeply.

I will be sharing additional excerpts from these journals, along with all of my late husband's writings I have had, since 1980 and have never shared with anyone. Bill died in 1980 following many years of suffering from drug induced paranoid schizophrenia and brittle diabetes. He was 26 when he died, I was 27 and we had been married for a very short four months, after being together for one year. He was truly my best buddy, the love of my life, my soul mate and the heart of my heart.

I have chosen to make this a part of my art work sharing these writings. We all have our own important story to share, and this is a big part of mine and Bill's.

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