Friday, March 18, 2011

Compelling Sculpture

Andy Goldsworthy

I have posted pictures of sculptures by artists that inspire and create compelling art.

Heather Jansch, uses driftwood to construct her sculptures of horses.

Being a painter, my focus is often on painting
and painters as opposed to sculpture and sculptors. Thanks to my teachers and mentors I have learned how essential it is to involve yourself in other mediums and to appreciate many different artists, for not only a broader knowledge base, but to widen your perspective to include a wide creative spectrum of art practices which is paramount to growth as an artist.

The horse sculptures coming out of the wall are by, Sayaka- Kajita-Ganz.

Over the years I have been actively involved in participating in sculpture classes during my art education and I certainly appreciate the medium and sculptors.
I am particularly interested in soft sculpture, on site and site specific, that is
environmentally friendly and harmonious within the world.

Andy Goldsworthy, and those like him I am in admiration of and artists that
use recycled materials or work with the nat
- ural environment to construct their work without damaging the environment. I have tried to do this in my work because I believe it is important to me as an artist to be environmentally conscious.

The photo of the vessel, belonged to a group of folks, who called themselves, the Floating Neutrinos. My life long friend helped construct this with recycled materials and they sailed all over the world . It is more like a floating sculpture that was built collaboratively.

This chair is entitled, Throne Of Weapons.

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