Monday, May 23, 2016

Spider Woman - Louise Bourgeois

Maman - Louise Bourgeois

 Louise Bourgeois born in 1911, was ahead of her time.
Although she never referred to herself as a feminist until later in her life, as she was born before this term was coined. She was a remarkable woman and artist, living well into her nineties, who thrived creatively I think, because she was willingly open about her life and the painful experiences she endured, growing up in a traumatic household with an abusive father, and no doubt an unhappily married mother, whom she loved very much, considered her to be her best friend, and who always encouraged her daughter creatively.

I am certain she spent much of her time feeling alone and isolated with her thoughts, which translated into her work as a prolific artist who understood the importance of solitude,which was transformed into deeply influential creative work. 

" Solitude, a rest from responsibilities, and peace of mind, will do you more good than the atmosphere of the studio and the conversations which, generally speaking, are a waste of time. "

" You are born alone. You die alone. The value of the space in between is trust and love. That is why geometrically speaking the circle is a one. Everything comes to you from the other. You have to be able to reach the other. If not you are alone…" Louise Bourgeois

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