Sunday, May 8, 2016


My Mother - Sarah Helen Milner Meyers

Lots of holidays and occasions we celebrate we don't know their origins, and some mean more to us than others. Mother's Day is one of those particular celebrations that has significant meaning to many.

Many people are very grateful for having a mother, some I know unfortunately have not had a positive relationship with their mothers, and that's a sad thing. I am always so grateful that I found both my friend and mentor in my mother, and as the years go by, I become even more grateful and miss her deeply.

Mother's Day has become commercialized in many ways much like all the other holidays but when it does come around most of us do think about our mothers whether they are still living or have left this mortal coil. I am no different and it is the same for me, I am thinking about my mother today.

Today I also think of motherless children, and childless mothers who can find comfort in knowing there is a Great Mother like Demeter in search of her child Persephone, who always loves unconditionally, who watches over us, and is closer to us than our own heart, and we can aspire to be like her.

We all have memories of our mothers, and I hope your memories, are all good ones.

The Great Mother - Catherine Meyers - Egg Tempera on Porcelain Tile 2015


thesycamoretree said...

You take after your lovely mother!

Unknown said...

Thank you Bev <3 That's a very lovely thing for you to say and touches my heart.

Wishing you a very blessed Mother's Day <3