Thursday, May 12, 2016

Donald Trump Is Just Made of Worm Shit Like All the Rest of Us

Anthony Atamanuil and James Abomian

 Until now I've refrained and yes avoided getting into the Donald Trump 'discussion' and brew-ha-ha. Because I find it all very surreal, and I'm sure like most people, was hoping and waiting for him to go away. But he just doesn't. The media is inundated with his obnoxiousness blow hard presence, and I am Trump tired!

Call it my coping mechanism, how I face the horrible, almost unbelievable fact that this man is running for president and that people are actually supporting him.  But I don't want to discuss all that, and so my other coping strategy is to use humour to divert my attention from this actual diabolical Donald and all it's seriousness, and just keep it light, funny and even a bit fluffy, kinda like The Donald's hair. I think that's a lot healthier, and well satire is a great way to diffuse all the Donald goings on, and keep the nausea at bay.

These two comedians, Anthony Atamanuik and Jame Abomian are exactly what the doctor ordered this morning while I was gulping copious cups of coffee, listening to the radio, contemplating my life and the serious state the world.

 I don't put my faith in politics or politicians, never have, never will. Three things that I take seriously is making sure I have a sense of humor, try to practice humility and a have love of humanity.

If Donald Trump was worth his salt, he'd know he's just made of worm shit like all the rest of us.

Donald Trump might think he deserves to be awarded for being in the lead.
This is the only award I'd be willing to give. My apologies to any of you sensitive types. I couldn't help myself, the Donald made me do it.

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