Thursday, May 5, 2016

Here Come The Judge!

Sammy Davis Jr.

I think it's so important for artists to have a good sense of humour, because we can tend to take ourselves far too serious, especially when it comes to competion and being judged. Creatives are sensitive, possessing  delicate and sometimes fragile egos.

I've never been comfortable with competition of any kind, and I don't take it too seriously. I suppose some might say, well if you don't take competition seriously, maybe it's because you fear rejection. That may be true, but is any one fond rejection? I don't think so.

Especially artists competing creatively is frankly high up on the ick factor for me, and I think it always will be.
I realize there are some folks that thrive on this kind of stuff, and well I say each to his/her own, live and let live. I just know it's not for me. I also know there probably isn't anything I can do or say that will change the competitive art establishment. But that won't stop me from voicing my opinion about it.

For instance, there is nothing terribly wrong about entering, say exhibits where juries decide whether or not to accept your art work as part of an exhibition. I think it is good exposure and gives you an opportunity to network with others involved with art.  But it ends there for me, full stop.

I've always had disdain for the idea of artists competing. I've come to the conclusion I don't need that stamp of approval, asking someone's permission and even paying others for me to enter an art competition. It's bull crap in my opinion. And now I'll tell you how I really feel.

I believe Ann Rea who started Artists Who Thrive has the right idea. You can be part of the art establishment or the new creative class. You can choose to have an 'art career' or an art business.

A long time ago I opted out of the idea of having a art career, and opted in to having an art business. If my art sells then in my opinion this makes my work and my ability to create art work 'good enough'.

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