Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Brain

Beginning with this weeks entry , I am going to be blogging everyday. It's a daily discipline I have attempted and practiced for a number of years now. Usually, it is written in an actual journal not a blog. Lately I've spent less time writing every day.

Truthfully, going to University full time, does not seem to allow for time to journal every day. Perhaps it is a matter of focus but now my writing is within the context of my art practice for class and I think it will be easier to incorporate into daily routine, rather than periodically, as it is now.

Fortunately, I have Professor's that understand the benefits of daily discipline. We have been asked to participate in a daily practice of our choice, as being part of our Open Media class, so this expedites the writing process.. I do still have to do the leg work and that is the challenge always, however having developed a writing habit over the years it is a somewhat easier.

Journaling is something I have done since my early 20s. I came to take it seriously after being introduced to The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron, in which daily journaling is one of the suggested daily exercises, the other being the artist date, meaning you allot an amount of time during the week, when you do something that adds to your sense of well being as a creative person. The Artist's Way was a life changing book.
It's not so important what it is I write about, but more importantly, that I write, daily. The process allows for a kind of stream of consciousness, that is rather intuitive, uncensored and only needs to be viewed by you alone, unless you choose to share it.

Well I can't spend my day writing in this blog as I have a shit load of work to do. First things first.

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